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From Icons to Itenerants Brief history of Russian art

Art and Cultural Trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia

Best Russian Ballet at the Imperial Hermitage Theater of Catherine the Great, St. Petersburg Russia


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The World of Art of the Centenary of the Exhibition : Russian and Finnish Artists 1898 by Solli Sinisalo, Vladimir Lenyashin
Russian Impressionism Russian Impressionism: Paintings, 1870-1970 by Gosudarstvennyi Russkii Muzei
The Itinerants The Itinerants : The Masters of Russian Realism : Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries by Yelena Nesterova, Elena Nesterova
Russian Museum The Russian Museum : A Centennial Celebration of a National Treasure by Russia Gosudarstvennyi Russkii Muzei Saint Petersburg, Petrova, Vladimir Gusyev, Yevgenia Petrova
Still Life Still Life (Big Art) by Norbert Schneider
Russian drawings, 18th to early 20th century  
Still Life Peter the Great : His Life and World by Robert K. Massie

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